Welcome to Music City, aka Nashville, Tennessee.

So I want to start this post by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of my decision. Like I’ve said, it was extremely hard for me and it still is, but it makes it easier to hear everyone supporting my decision.

But it is was it is, so before leaving St Louis I came in contact with a place called Old Mountains Gear Exchange that offered to sell me things for me, which I gladly accepted. I drove there on Wednesday morning and dropped off all my things and though it was very hard, it also felt nice to not have to worry about that anymore.

I didn’t leave St Louis until noon though, and knew I had a 5 hour drive to Nashville. I also knew that the car rental closed at 17, but not much I could do about it. I took my time and enjoyed my drive, and with the traffic going into Nashville I didn’t get here until 17:30 anyway. I dropped my things off at the hotel and could return the car anyway luckily, just had to drop off the key. Then I walked across the street and had the best dinner yet in this country, at a place called The Farm House. They only serve locally produced food, and I had a vegetarian dish that was just amazing. Since I booked my hotel two days before arriving here, I didn’t have many options, but I’m staying two blocks away from Broadway which is where the entire 4th of July celebration will take place so that’s great. Even if I have to pay a little more, I value my safety more than the cheapest price, I want to stay in good areas and not too far from where I’m planning on spending most of my time. So after dinner I went for a walk, and had a beer and listened to some country music. Then I walked the three minutes back to the hotel, I love it.
Ambushed by Swift during my drive. 
IMG_3365IMG_3400 IMG_3383 IMG_3388 IMG_3398
Doesn’t the building on the right look like batman? 

On Thursday I went to a mall nearby, to look at backpacks and go see a movie. It was supposed to rain all day, so I figured why not. I found a backpack that fits, it feels weird being able to carry all of my things on my back, I’ve certainly downsized quite a bit. I then saw the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out, which was good. I ended up sitting next to some kids who we’re on a field trip from a salvation army band camp, and once again I was just blown away by how friendly everyone is. These two kids, a boy and a girl just started talking to me and telling me everything about camp life and what they were doing and it was a lot of fun. We don’t really have the camp culture in Sweden, so all I know is from movies. And they were just so outgoing and fun, Americans really are very different from the Swedes, in a good way. And I know I’m in the south again because everyone is calling me ma’am (which makes me feel OLD! But then it’s usually accompanied by “can I see ID please?” so then I feel offended that they think I look under 21.), or sweetie, honey, sweetheart or anything that they can think of like that. We don’t have a culture of using names like that in Sweden so it’s very weird to me, but I actually called someone “sir” the other day so I guess I’m adapting…

After the movie it still hadn’t started raining, and I had another fun event planned. Before coming here I had booked a bicycle tour, but not just any tour, it was a pedal tavern tour. We were 12 people on a bar basically, that we had to pedal around midtown Nashville, while also visiting real bars in what’s commonly known as a pub crawl. It was so much fun! And once again I’m glad I’m traveling solo, because when we got off and went into the pubs, the others mostly kept to the groups they came with. I walked around talking to everyone, and had such a great time, and actually got to know most of them. They were all so nice, and I really wish I could tell you their names but I had some beer and then some more beer and then something called Dixie lemonade and then I forgot what everyone was called, so…




It started pouring down while we were in one of the pubs, but when we had to leave it stopped. We were in luck! Oh well, humans are known for being kind of waterproof, we would have been fine either way.

And then it was seven at night and I walked home and went to bed because I’m secretly an old lady who doesn’t like being out after dark. Also because I’m a solo female and like to be safe. But mostly because I’m really not a party person, and enjoy going to bed at no later than nine.

But the tour was a lot of fun, I highly recommend it! Though I wish we had cycled more…

I woke up this morning, once again expecting a 100% rainy day, but apparently the weather reports in the area can’t be trusted. I’ll bet it will rain all of independence day just because of that (they say it will). I decided to go for a little walk around town. Well, that “little” walk turned into 4 hours, but it was great. I love walking just as much as cycling. Even though I had left my sunglasses at home because of the rain that mostly didn’t happen. But I saw some great buildings at least.
Why. So. Serious?

So I walked around a while, and all of a sudden stumbled upon a full scale replica of the Greek building Parthenon. It was built in 1897 and contains some sort of a museum. I didn’t go in though, I just took some pictures and climbed a tree in the park because why use benches when there are trees? (I’m secretly an old lady but also a small kid.)
IMG_3482 IMG_3522



After that I strolled through the Vanderbilt University campus, then Music Row where all the record labels are located and that’s when the rain finally appeared! First time I could use the rain jacket I’ve been dragging around for a month now.
RAIN! And a huge kale and mango smoothie, so good. I was going for a small, but they gave me a large because they had some sort of Friday special, it was crazy big. 
It’s a microphone! And you can park and lock your bike to it! I love it. 

They started the celebrations tonight already, so I walked down to Broadway and had dinner at the most touristy of touristy places: Hard rock café. It was good though, and I had a great view of the stage, so why not?

And they have a bridge for pedestrians! I know, right, I was surprised too! But I’m guessing it’s because the sports field is on the other side of the river. There was some game happening, the US national team was playing some other national team. I’m not sure what sport, but I’m sure it was important. (Update: I googled! It was football, or “soccer”, USA vs Guatemala.) (update 2: and I just realized that I saw some people take photos with some guys earlier today, and thought “I bet they’re sports stars” so now I googled the US national team and one of the guys I saw is called Gyasi Zardes and plays for LA Galaxy, that’s pretty cool. I only remembered him because he had crazy hair.)
And tomorrow is 4th of July! I’m both very excited and terrified, and I’m feeling very Swedish. But I think it will be a lot of fun. There’s concerts and they claim that they will have the largest fireworks in the US tomorrow, how does one measure that though? But I’m looking forward to it a lot anyway! I don’t own anything red, white and blue, but I hope they won’t kick me out.

Regarding the hand, it’s not getting better. Every morning I wake up thinking “finally, it feels so much better!” and then I start using it and by the end of the night even the simplest thing like typing on the keyboard hurts. Well, maybe I should round this off now then… but yeah. I might have to get it looked at again if it’s not better soon.

And I have more exciting news about where I’m headed next, but that will have to wait, because pain. Happy Independence Day everybody! 


  1. Ingegerd Alvbring says

    So much fun to read about everything you do, you really don’t waste your time over there! I absolutely think you should have a doctor look at your hand again. And then have a great 4th of July!

  2. Saskia says

    I really have to admit I totally admire the way you walk up to strangers and start talking to them. I mean, if it was me having this tavern Pub tour, i would probably have talked to the ones who sat with me, but not like to everyone. that is cool. it impresses me.

    I can’t wait to see what you have to tell us about the the huge Independence Day Party. Even I am super excited. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    And about your hand: i suppose i would check it again. Maybe they could give you a cast or something that you’re not moving your hand very much. but then again, things like that need like ages to heal and get better….But i hope, that it truly gets better with every day.

    Have a wonderful 4th July. That’s probably something you will never forget. Oh, and i guess i would feel very german when i’d be there, just because on that day every american feels VERY american. And yet, i’m curious whether you feel different after the independence day. Just because after what you have shared with us, you are very outgoing and this might lead you to some very nice and great americans who will make you feel like you are one of them.

    Enjoy the day, parade and fireworks. (you could measure the amount of pyrotechnical devises that are used?)

    ps. you’ve got food in your blog 😉 that salad, omg that looks so delicious. i would want to have one, right now, right here

    Take care of yourself.

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