The wonders of being able to see.

The first time I complained to my parents that I had a hard time seeing the subtitles on the TV, I remember being around 12 or 13. My parents took me to an optician who told me to hold the books at a longer distance from my face when I was reading, and that I would be fine. According to him my eyesight wasn’t that bad. I doubted him though, and a short while after that I had to start sitting on the floor in front of the TV to be able to see. My parents then took me to another optician who made me pick out a pair of glasses straight away. It was official, I was nearsighted. It’s not too bad actually, it’s kind of like my eyes have a really awesome built in camera lens that make things really close to me (like 10 cm) be sharp and everything else is extremely blurry. And my eyes are super sensitive so I can no longer wear contact lenses, I’m scared of getting eye surgery to fix it and if I’m not wearing my glasses I get nauseous and bump into things but other than that it’s GREAT.

Or not.

But there’s not much to do about it so I just have to accept it. Last year, for my cycling trip to Paris, I went to an optician on Kungsgatan in Stockholm called SportOptik. I picked out a great pair of sport glasses that changes color depending on how sunny it is outside, and I love them. I have used them on every single bike ride since, no matter how short.

When I started planning for this big adventure, one of the first companies I contacted was SportOptik, because of their great service and expertise in the area. Last week I went to visit them, to have my eyes checked out and pick out a new pair of glasses to use on my adventure as well.
I met Lars, who is the owner of SportOptik, and after checking my eyesight he helped me pick out a new pair of glasses.
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These will have different type of glass, they change color to a more green shade, which is good when it’s cloudy or rainy outside. It still filters out all the UV light.

Thank you so much Lars and SportOptik, I really appreciate you supporting my adventure!

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