The mountains are calling and I must go.

The last time I wrote I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go, so I just kept following the road along the coast to the tiny village of Seaspray on the coast of Victoria. I checked myself into an almost empty caravan park right be the ocean and even though the weather was unstable I spent two days going for long walks on the beach and reading a lot. It was such a nice park too, a huge indoor (!!) kitchen (first time in 1,5 months!), clean bathroom and very little people. It’s obvious that it’s low season at the moment which suits me perfectly.  
Storm clouds coming towards me on the ninety mile beach.   

  So I hid in the car.   
Going hiking on the beach!

  The wild life is sometimes not so wild.   

While I was there I decided that though the coast is lovely, I wanted forests and mountains and maybe even snow. I looked at a map and noticed that the Koscioszuko (that is probably spelt wrong) national park was nearby and remembered that a friend had told me that I should go there. After consulting her my plans were finalized, the mountains were calling I had to go! (That’s a John Muir quote by the way.) 

I started heading north and ended up staying a night at the platypus reserve. Unfortunately I saw no playtpus though but I had a lovely time still. 

New state! New South Wales finally! 

 So pretty. So far New South Wales kind of reminds me of the U.K.    

Lots of sheep in this area.   

My house has the pretties views.   

Dinner making.   

I was down by the river trying to find platypus at night. It was cold though. This cheap fleece blanket from ikea has really saved me. It continues to dropping below 10 at night which gets cold in a car. But I put the fleece blanket under the covers and I’m toasty warm all night, it’s great.      

And today I got to Kosciuszko (seriously, who named this place?!) national park and it’s so great. The drive here on B23 was just as great and I could see the snow on the mountain an hour before I got here. I paid 17 dollars per 24 hours as the park fee, and entered. A river runs through the valley, I can camp for free at any of the campgrounds and the park is almost empty. Some hikers and mountainbikers are here but most things are closed. I don’t mind. It’s a ski resort in the winter mostly so this is low season. Even though it’s even colder here it feels great to finally be up in the mountains again. It felt like my heart started singing the moment I got here. 


Even the Australian alps has the French  flag at half mast. So sad. 

Another great view from the back of my car. 

Tomorrow I’m hiking mount Kosciuszko, which is the highest point in Australia at 2200 meters. I’m super excited about it! Though I suspect I’ll have to dig out my down jacket for the very first time since Sweden, but I don’t mind. I prefer this to the outback heat any day.  
The snowy mountains sure have been great so far, and I’m loving being in a national park again. I feel right at home. 
Update: my friend Thomas who is from Poland originally was very kind to update me on the fact that Tadeusz Kościuszko was a national hero in both Poland and USA. He fought the Russians when Poland was split up and was captured, and then immigrated to USA and fought in the civil war. He’s been on stamps and there are statues in both Poland and USA and someone named a mountain and a national park after him in Australia. Still not entirely sure why about the park in Australia, but I bet he was great. The more you know! Thank you Thomas!


  1. Ingegerd Alvbring says

    I follow your trip with great interest. You follow an old tradition in our family. I am writing a book about our family history and found another brave girl, Ida Ljungberg, born in 1843. She was your mother’s paternal grandmother’s aunt. When she was 19 she joined the mormons , travelled on a sailingship from Hamburg to England, got on another ship to New Orleans, got on a steamboat up the Mississippi to Nebraska, got married and went on a wagon train across the prairies to Utah. It took nine months. Then she had 13 children but that’s another story. Enjoy the mountains!

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