The best send-off party.

It was the middle of February when I started inviting family and friends to my good luck-party on the 24th of May. Planning a party outdoors in Sweden is risky any month of the year, but during May to September it can just as well be 5 degrees and raining, as 25 degrees and sun. You just never know. This year, it’s been mostly 10 degrees and rain, so as the date came closer we got a bit nervous. The weather reporter said that at least it wouldn’t rain, which would help a lot, even if it wasn’t going to be that warm.

During the morning I went to pick up some food and then I pitched the tent and put out the bike so that everyone could take a closer look. I had also drawn my route on a big map so that everyone would be able to see it up close.
The party was supposed to start at around 14:00 and like magic at almost that exact time the clouds went away and the sun came out. As the guest were starting to appear it got warmer and warmer. Everyone got hot dogs, hamburgers and cake with my face on it and got to mingle around the pool. A lot of family and friends showed up and I couldn’t have asked for a better send-off. I really felt the love for sure.
IMG_1149 IMG_1146 IMG_1162

When day turned into evening most people had left, but just as dad lit up the barbecue again to cook dinner for my closest family, the last guests showed up and brought this great shirt for me. It’s the Swedish national jersey with my name and birth year on it, and they told me that I should collect autographs from all the amazing people I meet along the way on it. I suspect it will be covered by the time I’ve crossed America.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and to the rest of you who keep sending me your wishes on Facebook and Instagram and here of course. It means so much to me and I appreciate every single one of them so much! 8 days until take off now, and I feel more ready than ever to get going!


  1. Mike says

    The very best of British to you C, may your angel keep you safe, look forward to your experiences.

  2. Kristin says

    Oh,så spännande snart är dagen för avfärd.Det kommer att bli så spännande att få följa dig på din resa.

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