Road ID, one way of staying safe on the road.

One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them about my adventure is “what does your family think?”

Oh boy.

It has taken some time, but now they’re fairly positive I think. At least they have accepted that there is no way that they can change my mind, so even though they’re not overwhelmed with happiness like I am, they’ve come to terms with my decision.

One of their biggest concerns is my safety. Yes, of course I’ll get a huge can of pepper spray as soon as I get to the states (it’s illegal here in Sweden), but I also have another thing that I’ve recently bought to keep both them calm and for my own peace of mind as well, a very clever bracelet called Road ID.


The idea of the Road ID is that it’s a bracelet for people that workout alone, who goes on hikes or goes bicycling or whatever it might be where you don’t have someone watching your back. You put critical information on it, phone numbers, allergies, medical conditions etc, anything you might want someone to know in case of an emergency.

Of course I’m not ever planning on being in a situation where my bracelet will be a necessity, but there’s a huge difference between being ignorant and being smart about your situation. Anything might happen, but with my Road ID I’m at least trying to stay one step ahead.

image1 2
On my bracelet I’ve put my name, birth year, nationality, phone numbers to my parents, that I have no allergies and a quote from the movie Up.

I am not sponsored by Road ID, but I really think this is such a great thing that I want more people to know about it. There is also an app that you can use while out on the roads, and if you stand still for more than 5 minutes without letting the app know that you’re okay, it will alert a family member. Great idea, but not for me, I would never remember to push the button and would most likely freak my mother out daily if I were to use it…

Speaking of family, there will soon be a post here written by them, since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what they think. I’m anticipating a lot of “we’ve always known that she’s insane so it wasn’t that big of a surprise”.

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