“Are you having a midlife crisis as 28?”

This is a question I’ve been asked several times during the past few weeks. Is this a midlife crisis, or why am I doing this journey?
I’ve been dreaming of doing this adventure for years, and slowly working my way towards it. This year, after having cycled across Europe, I told my parents that “next year I’ll probably not cycle during my vacation.” Not even a month later I told them that next summer I’ll cycle across America. So yeah. I’m a pretty impulsive person. I don’t believe in dwelling over things, you should just make a decision and stick to it and everything will be fine.

So is this a midlife crisis? At 28? I don’t think so. Wanting more out of life than just working 40 hours a week is not a crisis, I think it’s more of an awakening. I feel like I’m finally waking up from this comfortable, secure life that I’ve had for the last three years since graduating college, getting a job and buying my first apartment. I’m a person who loves security in life, so that should be the ideal situation for me, but lately I’ve just felt locked in and panicky instead. Also, I get bored easily with many things. On one hand I can spend an entire weekend in bed watching tv-shows and not feel bored for a minute, but at the same time I’m the person who used to color my hair twice a year (including pink and blue) because I got bored. I’ve been known to get tattoos because I’m bored. I’ve also bought two (2) apartments pretty spontaneously because I got, yes you guessed it, bored.

I don’t think I’ll get bored cycle touring. If I do, it will be easy to just switch things up. I can go wherever I want, I can stay in one place for a while and then continue, I can ride centuries every day for a week (100 miles/160 km) if I feel like it, or just lie in my tent with a kindle and read.

I think I’ll enjoy this new awakening.

Next up, I’ve finally gotten my bike! More about this in future posts. And I got a new banner, do you guys like it?

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