Last days in North Carolina. 

My days in North Carolina are coming to an end, as I expect to cross into Tennessee tomorrow or the day after. Yay, a new state! Though I have really liked NC, despite the heat and the hills.

I am feeling so much better now. I am eating plenty, I’m sleeping better and my mind is at a much better place. I’ve been able to call home several times now without even wanting to cry. Success! Though it comes at a price; the price of only cycling during the mornings when it’s not quite as extreme heat, not doing very many kilometers a day and sleeping at pretty good hotels. Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? At the moment that’s what keeps me motivated, so it will simply have to be that way. If I find at the end of the summer that I’m running out of time and have too much distance left, I’ll have to rent a car or get on a train or something, simple as that. My main focus is to enjoy this adventure, and sleeping in a tent and cycling all day will not do that at the moment. I’m already asking myself ten times a day “why am I doing this to myself, why couldn’t I just drive across the country as everyone else?” so I need things to keep my mood up.

I’ve left Charlotte now, and am currently in a town called Morganton. The ride out of Charlotte was luckily pretty uneventful, and I even found a bicycle lane, a rarity in American cities. It was still pretty warm though, but I found my mini fan the other day so it actually helps some. There were some hills to be conquered but at 11:30 I was already in Lincolnton, my destination 60 km outside of Charlotte. I felt pretty lazy to stop cycling so early, but I have promised to be nice to myself so I did. I checked into a pretty nice hotel, swam in the pool and took a walk to Walmart. I’ve never been before, it was fascinating. Super big. And I though the cars would crash when they saw me walking next to the highway in the grass, people really don’t walk here. A lot of places lack both sidewalks and places to cross the street for pedestrians. Very weird for a Swede, we walk a lot…


How do you like my bruises? I have no idea how any of them happened… It looks like someone has beaten me. Oh, and the shoes! Best choice ever, I love them!! Very comfy, they keep my feet cool and you can clip them to your pedals if you want. I don’t anymore.

This morning I woke up really early, had breakfast at the hotel before riding out at 7 in the morning. It was pretty warm, but soon a fog surrounded me, making the air much cooler. It was sooooo nice! It stayed like that for more than an hour, I even felt chilled at one point! But too soon the sun came out, and with it the heat. Paired with some pretty obnoxious hills, I struggled. At 11:30, after 60 km I stopped for lunch and to consider my choices. I was right next to a hotel, but I knew that 20 km away was a camping. But the weather report said thunderstorms and rain off and on all afternoon, so I decided to check into the hotel. I really am bad at living the simple life, but who cares? I’m loving this! And the moment I stepped into the hotel, the skies opened up and a heavy rainfall began. A good choice to stay then!

            Tomorrow I have a 1200 m/3800 feet mountain to climb.  I’m a bit anxious but hopefully it won’t be too steep. If so, I’ll simply have to push my bike up. Or hitchhike.
But anyway, I’m feeling better and it’s such a relief. Yes the cycling is hard, but hopefully that will get easier too. Thank you for all of your encouraging word, I really appreciate it! I have the best followers.


  1. Saskia says

    As one of your follower, thank you so much für the credit. I really LOVE to read your blog. Because as you wrote, you don’t only talk/write about the great things that happen to you. And you have a great way to write. It’s like you would sit with me and tell me in person. I really like that. I’m always hoping for an update to read how you are; what your sleeping problems do; what your eat problems do; how you feel to cycle all the way and so on. I’m just curious to read what you have to tell us next.

    And for tomorrow and the bigger mountain – read your blog entry about the hills and the expectations when someone’s saying it is quite flat. Just prepare yourself and as you wrote, if you can’t cycle all the way up, you still can push.

    Enjoy your stay at your hotel.
    The best of luck

  2. alessismalmo says

    Började följa din blogg för ett par månader sedan (tror jag) när du precis höll på att flytta från Stockholm hem till Halmstad. Blev tipsad via facebook-gruppen Cyklande Tjejer som jag gick med i när jag började med landsvägscykling för 2.5 år sedan. Följer dig nu troget och blir lika förväntansfull varje gång jag får en avisering om nytt fb- eller blogginlägg. Superspännande att läsa om var du befinner dig och människor du möter. Tänk vad mycket spännande som kommer att hända, med tanke på allt du redan upplevt på kort tid. Och jag gillar verkligen att du ger en så ärlig bild av vedermödorna och de mentala utmaningarna! Du är grym!!! 🙂 //Sissela

    • Cecilia says

      Jaha, vad kul!! Jag har också varit med i den gruppen men gick ur för tyckte att det var så många som klagade hela tiden 😉 Tack så jättemycket för de fina orden, det känns bra att kunna dela med mig av både det bra och det dåliga, då blir jag mindre ensam om det på något sätt. Är glad att du hittat hit och tack återigen 🙂

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