It’s ok to change your mind, and putting the Hubba Hubba to the test.

So far in my life I’ve been on two bicycle tours, an unsupported credit card tour in 2013, and one fully supported team tour in 2014. Both of these had one thing in common: I worked until the very last day before going on the tours, leaving very little time to just breathe and prepare. It was fine, but it also meant that when I arrived I was not only physically tired, I was also mentally ready for a break. This time I wanted to have a different experience, I wanted to take the time before leaving to just relax and prepare both mentally and physically. I also wanted to have time to really test my gear, since 95% of it is completely new to me and I needed to make sure it was the right choice.

So yeah, I sold the tent that I bought for my tour. 

When I started researching camping gear, I was extremely focused on getting the smallest and lightest gear possible. In the bicycle touring world I heard a lot of good things about the MSR Hubba tents, so I decided that a 1 person tent would be enough for me. Despite not having camped or slept in a tent for more than 10 years and never ever with any type of camping equipment.
As time passed, I started having some doubts. I realized that maybe I want my gear with me in the tent, and what if it’s raining and I decide to take a rest day, will I have to spend an entire day stuck in that tiny thing?

But then I decided that I’m allowed to change my mind. Just because I thought something was supposed to be right at one point, doesn’t mean that it actually is. So I ordered a new tent.

This time I went for the MSR Hubba Hubba HP 2 person tent, which is the exact same one, just bigger. It’s super easy to pitch, it’s spacious and to be honest I crack up laughing whenever I have to say hubba hubba. I take pride in being easy to entertain. And this time it just felt completely and totally right. I can fit all of my gear inside the tent with me, it only weighs 0.4 kg more than the smaller tent and now I get two entrances.
The new tent pitched in my parents backyard. I also tried the Scrubba wash bag for the first time, to great success. 
I can fit in it just fine, with lots of room to spare. 

And since I haven’t slept in a tent since 2004, when I went to a music festival in Denmark, I needed to put it to the test. Despite making the dog very upset with me, because she likes it when all her people are gathered in the house, I decided that last night was the perfect night for testing all of my camping gear. It was supposed to be 8 degrees celsius and no rain, so of course it went down to 6 degrees and rained on and off the entire night.
But there’s another aspect to this story; I’m a bad sleeper. I’m really bad at falling asleep, and have been for as long as I can remember. And trust me, sleeping in a tent for the first time did not help my insomnia at all. I’m convinced that I actually did sleep some, but not for long or very deep. Since I usually sleep like a starfish with both feet outside of the covers as well, I only panicked once or twice about the sleeping bag. Those things can really make you feel completely claustrophobic…
But all things considered, I deem the night a success! Mostly because I actually did spend the entire night there, instead of venturing into the house at 3 in the morning to sleep in my own bed. As you can tell, I’m a novice in this wilderness business, but who says you need to be an expert to go have an adventure? I think learning about all of this is such a fun part of the experience, and I want to show people who want to do this that you don’t have to know everything before you head out! Learning as you go is often the best way.

Anyone want to entertain me with their own camping stories?

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