Into the wild in the blue mountains.

Oh, the blue mountains. I don’t even know where to begin. 

I arrived in the early afternoon to the city of Katoomba, which is the central point of the blue mountains. I got myself a spot at the caravan park and then walked over to the nearby scenic world to check it out.   
It has a skyway (as seen above) and the worlds steepest railway, including lots of nice walks in the area. I decided to come back the next day to actually go on the different type of rides they had there, and instead spent the afternoon walking around, looking at everything they had to offer.    

The caravan park was great and right next to scenic world, but I ended up right next to five Brazilian guys in their early 20’s. They went out and came back at 1:30 making so much noise, I was so annoyed. If I hadn’t been a solo female I would have said something but now I didn’t. Even though there were other people there too, I definitely didn’t feel comfortable telling a bunch of drunk guys to be quiet in the middle of the night, instead I lay there getting more and more upset… But eventually they passed out luckily. I got a sick kind of satisfaction the next afternoon though when they were sleeping in the their tents and a man with a screaming baby walked around that area haha. Revenge! 

Anyway, the next day I was up early and went back to scenic world. I rode the skyway over to the other side first, and even walked over the glass bottom. I was scared to ride the chairlift but no problem with walking on glass hundreds of meters up in the air…

The three sisters on the left and mount solitary on the right. 

I had packed my backpack full of water and snacks which was lucky since it was very hot that day, 34 degrees. And I was also about to walk down the Great Stairway, 900 steps that goes from the top of the three sisters down into the rainforest below. 

Even though I had made the wise decision to walk down instead of up, my legs were shaking so bad when I got down. Totally worth it though! And then followed a beautiful rainforest walk back to scenic world. If someone had told me that I would be walking in rainforests before coming here I would have said “no way! What about the spiders and snakes?” To be honest I barely think of it anymore. And I’m definitely not going to keep from doing stuff just because there might be animals around. It would be very unwise to go to Australia at all if you’re just going to be scared all the time. 

A few hours later I was back at scenic world and boarded the world’s steepest railway at 52 degrees to ride back up again. It was really cool, felt more like a very slow roller coaster than a train. I’ll post a video here instead, hopefully you can see kind of how steep it was. The view is through the roof of the train…

I spent the afternoon on a blanket by the car reading a book. I can’t think of a better way to spend my day to be honest. I’ve always been a huge book worm.   

And yes,that is my laundry that’s hanging outside of the car. 

The next day (after a quiet night, apparently the brazilians were all partied out) I ate breakfast while watching a game of cricket. If I hadn’t been sitting there in pajamas with hair sticking out in every direction I would have felt like I was on an episode of downton abbey. 

I left Katoomba and headed towards jenolan caves. Since it was a weekend and the blue Mountains are so close to Sydney, I at least knew that I wouldn’t be alone. 

Once again I was forced to endure tiny mountain roads with barely enough room to meet another car, and still a 100 km/h speed limit (I’m seriously staring to question the Australian road safety rules) but I made it in one piece!   
 The caves were great, but I didn’t go on a guided tour. I though they were too pricey so I just guided myself instead. 

I had kind of planned where I wanted to stay that night, but as I was about to leave Jenolan I saw this sign.   

I instantly recognized that place from someone I follow on instagram, he had posted that same view the other day and I had wondered where it was! The best part about not making too many plans is that I can easily change them. I looked up the campground on my wikicamps app (I’m not sponsored, I just couldn’t live without it right now!) and saw that there was no phone coverage up there so I sent off a quick text to my mother telling her my plans before I headed towards Kanangra Walls. Sometimes I’m a thoughtful daughter…

The best places are usually the ones you stumble upon by accident, and this was definitely one of those. I am SO glad that I saw that sign because wow. 

I also saw my first snake! A big black thing that slithered across the path 3-4 meters in front of me and the old couple I had met at the overlook. Luckily my first instinct was exactly what the books tell you to do: I froze mid-step and didn’t move again until it was gone. I didn’t get a photo but weirdly enough I didn’t get scared at all. My heart didn’t even start to beat faster. 

The campground was 7 km away, a very basic but large site with drop toilets (utedass) and nothing else. We were quite a few people camping there but everyone kept to themselves. In the early evening a mystical fog came swooping in which made for these magical photos. 

 Camping afternoon! A beer of course, and on the armrest you can see my spot 3gen, the gps tracker I carry everywhere. Since I didn’t have phone coverage I could at least send a satellite signal to my family to let them know I was alive and my exact location. 


The next morning the fog was still present so I decided to camp there another night. I wanted to go hiking at the kanangra walls but didn’t dare to do it in the fog. Just look how different it looked the next day. 

Instead I spent my day reading and reading and when it got too cold, watch downton abbey on the tiny tv in the car. A lovely Sunday in other words. 

 That’s not coffee or tea. It’s red wine. Hehe.    
I got wallaby visitors each evening at dusk, such pleasant company. This one allowed me to come very close and take a picture (or 15). 

    Camp ground sunset. 

This morning I woke up to sunshine again, so finally I could go for that hike along the rim of the kanangra walls.  It was really beautiful up there and I’m glad I stayed. The remote camping was amazing and the kanangra Boyd national park was beautiful, I highly recommend a visit. 


  Can you see me?

The kanangra falls waterfall. 

Now I’m in the tiny city of Oberon just a short distance away. Over the next days I’ll slowly make my way towards Sydney, where I’ll be from Thursday and stay for a week. On Saturday it’s time for my last time of seeing Taylor Swift for this time, but trust me when I say that when she announces the next tour in roughly a years time (like she’s done every other year since forever) I’ll be first in line to buy tickets no matter where in the world it is. 

Oh, and if anyone have tips for great getaways close to Auckland, please let me know. I’m trying to plan my last week of travels, for the beginning of January in New Zealand. Let me know! 


  1. Mamma says

    Det är så bra att få veta i förväg att det inte går att få kontakt med dig. Lika skönt är det att i efterskott få veta allt som du varit med om… Såja, nu har du sett en orm och behöver inte hitta fler. Smala vägar med körglada förare som man möter. Onyktra gäng på campingplatsen. Just sådana saker är det bra att läsa om senare. Samtidigt är det härligt att du är orädd så jag är väldigt tudelad där. Här kommer i alla fall en stor kram från din Mamma <3

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