Housesitting on the Gold Coast.

Even though I’ve now spent 10 days on the Gold Coast, I can’t really say that I’ve had many adventures. I’ve mostly been focused on feeding the animals, going for walks with the dog and petting the cat when she lets me. Well, I’ve also been reading a lot, watching a lot of Netflix and doing some planning for my spring of adventure here in Australia. It’s still so weird to write that it’s spring in September though… everything is backwards here.
Balcony life with the animals. 
The cat likes potato chips too, and sees no limits to the way she tries to get them. 
Pretty walks with the dog. Right after this we were attacked by a very vicious magpie though. Swooping season has begun, which is explained on this page. I had to fight it off with the dogs leash, luckily he didn’t even react even though the bird was half a millimeter above him attacking. 
You’re so weird Lilly. Adorable but weird. 
Oh, and whoops, somehow I managed to buy tickets to Taylor Swift in Sydney. I have no idea how that happened… to the surprise of no one though. I’m so excited!! Haha.

The other night I went to a theme restaurant nearby though, called Draculas. Like you can tell from the title it has a horror theme and everyone in the staff is dressed up as vampires or other scary things. You get in, get a drink and then get to ride the ghost train. It’s like an amusement park ride, it wasn’t that scary though luckily. The food was really good, the drinks were good and the show was very funny. They had singing, dancing, stand up and some burlesque as well, which is why the show is from 15 years and up. And during the intermission they showed a video from everyone riding in the ghost train, it was hilarious. Luckily I didn’t look too scared. I had a great time, and if you found yourself in the Gold Coast area I would recommend a visit.
IMG_8428 IMG_8430 IMG_8435 IMG_8434
The dessert was a chocolate coffin with whipped cream, it was so good! 

I’ve also been up in the Q1, which is the tallest building in Australia. It’s in Surfers Paradise and the view from the top was pretty great.
Q1 is that tall building in the middle. 
Surfers Paradise from above. 
The view towards Broadbeach which is where I’ve been staying.

Except for watching movies and going for walks and eating food, I’ve also been planning a lot. I now have an approximate route that I want to take around the eastern part of Australia. Going around the entire country would require a lot more time, so I’ll just focus on seeing as much as possible in this area.
10 000 km is almost the same distance I drove from Florida to California, so at least I have driven that far before. But now I’ll have more freedom as I’ll be sleeping in my campervan, so I can basically stop wherever I want. I’m so excited to just be out on the roads again and have adventures.

It’s finally adventure time again!


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