Getting the gear – starting the packing list for cycling across America.

It’s almost exactly 8 months until I start my big trip now, and I’m in full planning mode. Planning and plotting is usually one of my favorite parts of anything, and for this trip I’m reading a lot of blogs of other female solo cyclists which gives me great inspiration. I’m also doing research on what bike to get, on panniers, how to make my own cycling cap, safety tips, and I’m looking at every hashtag I can find for cycle touring on instagram.

I’m also looking at and buying a lot of cycling gear. Last week I got a delivery of merino wool shirts, thermal underwear and socks, and yesterday I finally got the cycling shoes I’ve heard so much about; Keen Commuter III. They are clipless SPD cycling sandals (clipless means that they clip into your pedals, but to me the name sounds like they do the exact opposite hence the explanation…oh well) but unfortunately Keen has discontinued them, so I had to search high and low before I found a pair in my size. I finally found them on Rose Bikes and I’m in love already. I think these will be great for next summer, and they should definitely give my feet some interesting tan lines…


My lovely new shoes. They’re also great for walking in, something that’s not usually said for cycling shoes…


Last Sunday it was time for the annual Sthlm Bike race, which takes place the first Sunday in September each year in the center of Stockholm. It’s 42 kilometers and you start cycling at 7 in the morning in a deserted Stockholm. It’s not often you get to race down the usually busy streets without any cars or busses, but this is one of the reasons why I really love this race. That and the breakfast you get afterwards as well of course. But this year it had an even bigger importance, it meant that my time with Team Rynkeby officially was over, the charity group I’ve been riding with for the past year. We delivered the check to the children’s cancer foundation (Barncancerfonden) and it was all over… Sad, but I’m so glad I got to do it, and got to know such great people and cyclists. I’m sure they’ll be happy to whip me back in shape for America next year!


Me and Gullan, my lovely bike. I love her so much! My 6 year old nephew namned her (it’s an old Swedish women’s name) and I think it fits her perfectly. Especially since gul = yellow.


With some team mates at the breakfast afterwards.

With the check of the money we raised. 11 million SEK (1.5 million USD).

With the check of the money we raised. 11 million SEK (1.5 million USD).

If you want to check out some great blogs of awesome cyclists, then I have some recommendations:
Melissa/The Loong Way home – She started cycling from Barcelona last year and has been on the road for 13 months now. Really amazing cyclist and person and she happily answers all the questions I throw at her via email which I am so grateful for.

Shirine/A Wandering Nomad – A twenty year old girl who will make you feel like you’re living your life with the completely wrong standards. Has been cycling for more than a year with a $5/day budget. Warning: makes you want to quit your entire life to cycle. Or wait, is that just me?

Travelling Two – Basically my bicycle touring go-to guide. They know everything and they have guides for everything. Check them out!

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