Four months after the adventure stops. (don’t worry, it will continue.)

So what happens to someone once adventure stops? How does one adjust to regular life after 7 months of road trips, adventures and new experiences?

For me it was surprisingly easy.

I got back home and boom, it felt like I had never been gone. But I’m not saying that it was a bad thing, but it definitely made the transition much easier. When I came home, I felt ready to be home. Unlike most vacations I’ve been on before that always felt too short, this time I felt done and that helped me immensely when it came to adjusting to home life. For the time being my wanderlust was sated. (it might be a slightly different story now. More about that later.)

Unfortunately, some other factors also played a part in that equation. The very day after I arrived from NZ, my family received some bad news. The kind of news that would have had me going back to Sweden as soon as possible no matter where in the world I had been, even if I had still been cycling. I’m not going to go into detail but I’m just very thankful to be home and not on the other side of the world right now.

So what have I been up to for the past four months?

I spent a few weeks just getting adjusted again, sleeping a lot, going for walks with the dog and catching up with my family. I applied for some jobs and a month and a half later I started working. I was so lucky to get a job so fast, especially one that I really enjoy.
Hiking in my home town in the beautiful (but rare) spring weather. 

I planned to buy a car that I could convert into a campervan, but it turned out to be tricker than I expected. Instead I’ve just bought a Fiat 500 which has been my dream car for years. Yes, I’m totally serious, it’s just so adorable! I’m planning on doing a lot of weekend camping and hiking trips this summer with it, since it’s a bit easier getting places with a car than a bike. My campervan will come eventually, I’ll just have to be patient. It will just be nice having a car for the first time in my life, but I did get to watch the most amazing sunset from my bike in March when I was riding home:

But that’s not all! I’m going on another adventure in September. I have booked an 8-day trip to Tokyo, where I’ll explore the city, climb Mt Fuji and eat lots of sushi and ramen. I’m already looking into staying at a capsule hotel but maybe I’ll also splurge and stay a night at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. My favorite movie has been Lost in Translation ever since the first time I saw it in 2003, and that’s the hotel Scarlett Johanson and Bill Murray stay at in the movie. I’ve been dreaming of doing this trip for as long as I can remember, so it’s really a dream come true. And yes – of course I’m going alone! I’m completely hooked on solo travel, and didn’t even consider asking someone to come with me when I booked it.

What else is in the pipeline? Hiking trips to Norway, Switzerland, and in Sweden of course. Planning for my eventual long hike which will probably be in USA or New Zealand. Going to Seattle and Canada to visit my American friends I made while in New Zealand. I feel like I add things to my “to do” list when it comes to adventures constantly. Hopefully I’ll live a long life, I have plenty of time to achieve all of my dreams.

Speaking of long life, in just a few weeks I turn 30, and I’m honestly so excited about it! It feels like such a privilege to actually get to turn older when there are so many people who leave this world before their time. So many young people who would love the chance to turn 30, but never get to do it. Why should I get a crisis about that? So silly that most people expect you to feel bad about aging, I love it!

So happy birthday to me and happy adventures to all of us!

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