Downtime in Hervey Bay.

I left Brisbane on Monday at around lunch time, on a Greyhound bus which was wildly different from the one I had experienced in USA. This one was clean and fresh, had air-conditioning and usb plugs, I had two seats to myself and the free wifi actually worked. It was pretty great. I didn’t mind the five hour journey north at all, I watched movies and listened to music and just enjoyed the serenity. I arrived in Hervey Bay at around five in the afternoon, shocked that the sun was setting already! Clearly a sign that it’s still very early spring here. I checked into my hotel, Oceans resort and spa and got this beautiful apartment all to myself. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a washer and dryer, a kitchen and a nice balcony. It’s pretty perfect and just what I needed for some nice downtime. The only thing seriously lacking is the wifi, it’s so slooooow. But I’m enjoying cooking food for once and just taking care of myself here.
IMG_7914.JPG IMG_7919
A rest stop on the way north, I’ve seen a lot worse in my days. 
This place is bigger than anything I’ve ever lived in by myself before. 
IMG_7923 IMG_7925


It still low season here though, so most days I’ve been all alone by the pool. The Aussies think it’s too cold, while I as a Swede think 25 degrees is the perfect temperature for a day by the pool. Mostly I’ve just been resting a lot, going for walks, reading books, swimming in the pool and watching movies. They have free pay per view-movies here, which I have been using to the max. My list of watched movies must be an entire A4 page by now, I hope they give me a copy when I check out, just for fun.
The Urangan Pier. 
Yes, that is a HUGE pelican landing on that lamppost. WOW. 
Contemplating life by the beach.
I brought my gopro to the pool the other day and had some fun taking underwater picture. I saw some people sitting on their balconies watching me later, they must have thought I looked hilarious.




I have also finally had time to actually go through my plans for the future. There are many questions at the moment, and I’m feeling a little lost trying to answer them. My hand is finally (FINALLY!!) feeling a little bit better, to the point where there sometimes can be a full day without any pain at all. This is such a huge step and I’m so happy that I’m finally seeing some relief. It makes me think that maybe I should try getting on a new bike and try this adventure as it was meant to be though, but somehow it doesn’t seem right anymore, and I have some anxiety about feeling that way. I feel guilty that I don’t really want to get back on the bike right away, but I also don’t think it would be very clever. Like I said, I’m still only at single days without pain at this point, I’m scared that putting strain on it now would make it worse again. And somehow it feels like this has turned into something so completely different and unexpected, and I shouldn’t have to feel guilty that it has. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but this week had given me a lot of time to think, maybe too much.

And once I got injured in the US I pretty quickly came up with a plan for what to do and what to see, but here in Australia I don’t really have a plan. I can’t keep going the way I have up until now because then I’ll have to go back to Sweden way too soon and completely penniless and that’s not an option I’m too fond of. In America I didn’t have the option to work, which I do here though, so I have applied to get a tax relief number so that I can actually work here without having to pay 48% in tax. I just have to figure out with what and where. Or should I just rent a campervan and drive around the outback for a few months? So many options, but I have no idea what I actually want. All I know is that I want to go hiking again soon. Preferably a longer hike, which is why I’ve been looking into longer, guided hikes in groups. It sounds like fun and a good start for me to try longer hikes with people who are more used to it than I am.

Like I said, so many options, and I’m no closer to an answer than I was a month ago. I need to find out soon though, because not having any idea is not a good plan. But after Hervey Bay I’m housesitting for ten days, which gives me plenty of time to do more research and come up with a plan. Hopefully they have faster internet too, so that I might actually be able to do some research. But other than my lack of plans I think I’m adapting pretty well. I still have to ask people to repeat themselves all the time though because I’m having such trouble with the accent, but it’s getting better I think. Oh, and the other day I was buying some coffee and the barista took a look at my Yellowstone t-shirt and asked if I’d been there. Turns out he’s going to the USA next summer, and I spent close to half an hour just chatting to him about where he should go and what he should see. He kept asking me questions though, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind it too much…

Oh, and I will be changing the name of this website soon, to something more fitting. I just have to figure out what that might be first though. Any suggestions? I’m thinking something along the lines of hike and bike but I don’t know. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Tomorrow I’m heading to Fraser Island on a tour, which should be fun! I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a big island just outside of Hervey Bay, and it was either that or going on a whale watching tour which would have been amazing. I realized that I probably shouldn’t though, as I very easily get insanely seasick and that would have been a horrible way to spend a day. I’m pretty sure Fraser Island will be just as amazing though! This might seem like a pretty sad post compared to how upbeat I usually am, but trust me when I say that I’m still very, very happy. I’ve just had to come down on earth for a while now, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing 🙂 As I keep saying, life is good!


  1. Mamma says

    Don’t feel guilty! I understand why it is not an option to get back on the bike again. That was then and this is now. Feel free to do what comes in your way and you still have time to think about what to do next.
    I’m trying to help you with a new name but I will have to think about it.
    If you will decide to go hiking I really appreciate that you will join a group because of all the wild spiders, snakes etc.

    • Saskia says

      @mamma: but the snakes and spiders won’t disappear just by joining a group of hikers. But i know what you mean.

      And for a new name: I also have to think about it. And this morning I was just thinking of you and your journey and that this must time feels like a disappointment that you’re not knowing what to do. But I think you get over it. And appreciate everything that happened so far. You will figure out where and what to do. My fingers are crossed that you will find a job!!

      • Anita says

        Saskia, the great thing about traveling with a group is: If you are at the front of the line, the spiders and snakes are still saying, “Huh?” as you pass; If you are in the middle, they say, “AIEE, look at ALL those people!” as you tromp by; And f you are at the end of the line, they have said, “We’re OUT of here!” and scurried off.

  2. Anita says

    Some thoughts on names (only to get you to the place where you have found “THE” name):
    Hike, Bike: Adventure / Adventures on Road and Trail / Travels on Road and Trail / The Time for Adventure / Now’s the Time / Hike, Bike: Just Doing It / Strong and Brave / Hike, Bike, Follow the Dream / etc.

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