1 day until I being the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s been nine months since I decided to go on this adventure. Five months since I resigned from my job and put my apartment on the market. 2 months since I moved back home to my parents to prepare for the journey. And now the time is finally here.
Preparing my bike for departure. 

Tomorrow morning my parents will drive me down to Copenhagen to get on my flight to Washington. I’ll pick up my rental car and drive two hours south before staying with a warm showers-host for the night. On Wednesday I’ll drive the rest of the way down to Wilmington, North Carolina where I’ll start my journey on Thursday. Before I get going I need to buy food, reassemble my bike and try get used to the heat… and hopefully I’ll have time on Wednesday to cycle down to the beach and dip my back wheel in the ocean, which is the official way to start a cross country journey.

The first stop will be after just 300 km, when I get to Charlotte where I’ll see Taylor Swift on the 1989 tour on Monday the 8th of June. I’ve been a huge Swiftie for years and actually planned my journey according to her tour schedule… a dedicated fan for sure! I’ll also see her in Santa Clara and Los Angeles. Just look at this shirt I made, in hopes of getting into her after parties for the most devoted fans. Wish me luck!

I’m nervous but also excited to finally get started. I’ve done so much preparation, a lot of research and I couldn’t be more ready. But still I’m constantly changing from being absolutely terrified to being overly excited, but I’m sure I’ll calm down as soon as I actually get going. It’s hard when you really don’t know what to expect, as I’ve said before, I’ve never done anything like this.

But tomorrow is finally the time for adventure. The next time I write it will be from the United States! 

The best send-off party.

It was the middle of February when I started inviting family and friends to my good luck-party on the 24th of May. Planning a party outdoors in Sweden is risky any month of the year, but during May to September it can just as well be 5 degrees and raining, as 25 degrees and sun. You just never know. This year, it’s been mostly 10 degrees and rain, so as the date came closer we got a bit nervous. The weather reporter said that at least it wouldn’t rain, which would help a lot, even if it wasn’t going to be that warm.

During the morning I went to pick up some food and then I pitched the tent and put out the bike so that everyone could take a closer look. I had also drawn my route on a big map so that everyone would be able to see it up close.
The party was supposed to start at around 14:00 and like magic at almost that exact time the clouds went away and the sun came out. As the guest were starting to appear it got warmer and warmer. Everyone got hot dogs, hamburgers and cake with my face on it and got to mingle around the pool. A lot of family and friends showed up and I couldn’t have asked for a better send-off. I really felt the love for sure.
IMG_1149 IMG_1146 IMG_1162

When day turned into evening most people had left, but just as dad lit up the barbecue again to cook dinner for my closest family, the last guests showed up and brought this great shirt for me. It’s the Swedish national jersey with my name and birth year on it, and they told me that I should collect autographs from all the amazing people I meet along the way on it. I suspect it will be covered by the time I’ve crossed America.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and to the rest of you who keep sending me your wishes on Facebook and Instagram and here of course. It means so much to me and I appreciate every single one of them so much! 8 days until take off now, and I feel more ready than ever to get going!

Thoughts and feelings with 13 days to take off.

The past few weeks have just flown by, and more and more often it hits me that it’s now less than two weeks left before I get on that plane to Washington. When I realize how little time is left, I get kind of terrified.

“What if I’ve forgotten something really important!”
“What if I hate it?” 
“Am I really brave enough to do this?” 

These are some of the thoughts that hit me with full force once I let my mind run wild, and it’s not helpful at all these last few days at home. I try to stay confident, but I think that if I didn’t have any doubts, I wouldn’t be taking it seriously enough. I’m heading out on a completely new adventure, unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Of course it’s okay to be frightened, because I’m not really sure what to expect or what it will be like. When I cycled across Sweden it was only for 5 days and 570 km and I spent each night at hotel I had booked in advance. When I cycled across Europe it was with a team of 30 other people, with a core team that fed me, fixed my bike, gave me a beer when I was done for the day and all I was responsible for was to just keep on pedaling for 7 days and 1200 km.

Skärmavbild 2015-05-20 kl. 13.58.48
This time it’s completely different, since I will become a footloose vagabond; a nomad who lives where I put down the stakes to my tent, and who belongs nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It terrifies me  and excites me beyond words. But I am brave. I am strong. I can do whatever I want, and I can handle whatever life might throw at me.  It will be tough, I will most likely cry and want to quit, but I will stick it out.

I’m a fighter, and I can do anything I set my mind to.