That’s me in the paper – again!

The other day I was just getting into a taxi heading to the airport for a work trip, when my phone rang. It was a journalist who wanted to do an interview, and despite feeling a bit rude towards my colleague and the driver I agreed to be interviewed. It was a fun interview and I always enjoy talking about my adventure. For the next 20 minutes I told the journalist my entire life story, and when we hung up the driver looked at me and said “I am so proud to be driving you to the airport today, you are an extraordinary woman, I can’t believe how brave you are.” His enthusiasm almost brought tears to my eyes, and in a way I’m glad the reporter called in that exact moment because the rest of the ride I got to connect with the driver in a way I probably never would have otherwise. These unexpected encounters and connections are what I’m hoping to have more of during my adventure, and if they are anything like this amazing man then I’m really in for a great time!

Below you can take a look at the article, or read the newspaper called Hstd 7 Dagar here.


That’s me! In the newspaper!

Last week I met up with a reporter from the local newspaper for the area I live in, to do an interview and take some photos. Yesterday Mitt i Västerort arrived in my mailbox, and I’m really happy with the feature, I think it turned out great! By reaching out to media I hope to inspire other people to dare to follow their dreams, so hopefully I was able to reach someone struggling with the desire to quit life as we know it and just go for it.

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