The road always leads west.

I woke up to a pretty intense rainfall my last day in Yellowstone, so instead of heading into the park in crazy weather I spent all morning planning the rest of my time here in the US. Now everything has been booked and planned. I’m the most excited about my five days in Yosemite National Park in California, right before my parents arrive to San Francisco where we’ll meet up. I hope it’s as amazing as Yellowstone. At least there aren’t any grizzly’s, but more about that later. Oh, I also finally booked my plane ticket to Australia! So, so excited about that. I’ll leave Los Angeles on the 31st of August, and after a 14 hour plane ride land in Brisbane on the 2nd of September. That means I will never get to experience September 1st 2015, isn’t that weird?

The weather calmed down a bit after a while, so I got in the car and drove into Yellowstone. I soon saw that the cars in front of me had stopped, a clear sign of animals on or near the road. In front of the cars coming the other way, a huge bison was calmly walking down the road before he came over on my side.
IMG_5673 IMG_5675
I was heading for the falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, both the south and the north side. It was raining a little but not too bad, but I only brought my gopro in its tiny little waterproof case, so you won’t get a lot of photos. I did edit a film from the park though, which you can watch here.




As I got back to the hotel I went on Facebook to like Yellowstone’s page, and the first thing I saw was that a man had been killed by a grizzly just the day before in the park. It was in a part where I luckily never went, but so extremely sad and scary. They think it was a mama grizzly and her cub that the man stumbled upon, which is probably the worst case scenario of anything you can come across. I’m so glad I never met a bear, and especially a grizzly in the park. Any other bear you can scare away, but not those… luckily there are no grizzly bears in California, which is where I’ll be hiking next.

But strangely enough, I still wanted to see bears before I left and as I headed west the day after I drove to Yellowstone bear world. There you can drive through a park filled with all sorts of animals, like a very rare white elk and of course a lot of bears. A lot of them were sleeping in the shade, but some of them were strolling around the park or playing with the other bears.
IMG_5754 IMG_5751 IMG_5752 IMG_5753
One of the bears decided that the middle of the street was a great place to take a nap. Well, it was shaded so  completely understandable.
They also had a petting zoo with bear cubs and other baby animals. You could not pet the cubs, but you were free to feed (with food you could buy there) and pet the other tiny animals.

IMG_5750 IMG_5746 IMG_5744
IMG_5742 IMG_5748
It was a fun trip, I’m glad I went. I also got to see how I measured up to a grizzly but I think the measurement must be off because I’m about 5″5, (165 cm), not that close to 6 feet!

After bear world I was headed to the tiny airport in Idaho Falls to try to exchange my car. For some reason I had expected trouble and headed to the Alamo front desk as if I was headed into battle. I was so pumped up and ready to argue.

“I’m renting a car long term from you and the other day I got a crack in the windshield. I called and reported it and they told me I could come here and get a new one.”
“Let me check, okay we don’t have any small cars like that left so you’ll get a bigger car, here are the keys, have fun on the rest of the trip!”

Well okay maybe that’s not the exact words she said but basically. Wow. That was easy. Now I drive a slightly bigger and better Nissan sentra instead, and I love it! I took one look at her and decided that her name was Stacey.
I drove to Twin Falls and the first thing I saw coming into town was a cinema! Excellent! Though I had seen almost all the movies playing, but Fantastic Four has just opened so why not? It was okay, but not much more than that. Ant-man was much better!
Movie time is always popcorn time!

And my Monday consisted of driving across half of Idaho and half of Oregon to the city of Bend. It was a 700 km and 7 hour trip, and it gave me a lot of time for thinking and reflecting on my current situation. Like I said in previous post, I did such a stupid thing when I took this photo the other day.
I never even considered that I was putting a lot of weight and pressure on my hand by holding myself up like that, but I’ve been paying for it ever since. I’m basically back to the amount of pain I was feeling back when I was in Savannah, a month ago. I’ve contacted SOS international in Denmark which I have to go through to get a doctors appointment here in the US, and hopefully I can get something next week when I’ll be in one place for five days. I’ve done a lot of research and to me it seems like it’s the extensor indicis muscle that’s injured. The muscle starts in the arm and goes up in the index finger. It still has a bump on it and it’s the only explanation I can come up with. I have no idea how injured the muscle might be or what you can do about it though, and I’ve only come up with this because of google but still. I’m still very sure that nothing is broken, at least not a bone. Though all of these are just guesses, I really have no idea. 

It’s hard to capture in a picture, but the part where the muscle is located looks slightly swollen and when I clench my fist it turns into a bump. Well, I hope I can get an appointment soon because it’s so annoying that it’s gotten worse again.

And tomorrow I’ll reach the coast of Oregon. It really hit me today as I was driving, and I just burst into tears right there and then (and I’m crying as I’m writing this). For the first time in a long time I’m so upset that I’m not on my bike. I wanted to reach the coast on my bicycle, not by a stupid car. I had imagined this moment so many times, of seeing the Pacific ocean and dipping my wheels in the water as I had accomplished my goal of cycling coast to coast. I didn’t really expect me to have this reaction, it came as a total surprise today and I’m mad at myself for being upset. But I can’t help it. This adventure has been amazing, and I’ve experienced so many fantastic things. But right now I’m really upset about that car hitting me, and still being in pain. I’m upset that my dreams were crushed, but I’m not upset that they then turned into new dreams. I’m sure I’ll get over it very soon, but I need time to mourn what didn’t happen too. I’m allowed too feel things beside this insane happiness I’ve felt lately, and it’s completely okay.

Just because my dreams of cycling coast to coast didn’t happen this time doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen in the future. I’m young, I have plenty of time to try again. I really hope I will.

And I’m still very much looking forward to finally seeing the Pacific Ocean tomorrow.