Camping in northern Halland.

The May weather in the part of Sweden where I live has not been very reasonable this year in my opinion. Strong winds and a lot of rain almost every day, so when the weather report told me that Thursday and Friday last week were supposed to be good, I decided to head out on an adventure.

As you know, I’m somewhat of a novice in the whole camping business, so I need to practice before I leave. I also wanted to get some 100 km rides in before leaving, so I decided it was time for that as well. On Thursday morning I headed out, with absolutely everything I need for my around the world trip packed in the trailer. It was heavy, but I figure that I’ll get used to it. I like the handling of it a lot, once I get going I barely feel it behind me, until I go uphill but that would have been a struggle even with panniers. In strong headwinds it follows behind me so closely that it’s no different from when I’m alone on the bike. That is a big bonus, especially on the west coast where it’s always windy!
It was a beautiful day but you know that when the kite surfers are out on the water, there must be a strong wind… and there was. I was struggling from time to time but I still had fun cycling up the coast on the beautiful roads right by the ocean.
After 90 km I decided that I’d had enough wind for one day, and pitched my tent at a camp site. It was still early in the afternoon, so I made pretty good time I think.
I can’t fit Elsa in the tent, but most of Bob at least. Very convenient! I’m so happy I decided to go for the bigger tent.
After taking a walk around the area I spent all afternoon and night outside my tent reading on the kindle. That thing is such a great invention, I love to read and now I can bring hundreds of book with me wherever I go. I shared the tent area with two Danish families, and I must admit that I went to bed before any of the kids did. I was so tired after the wind and the sun and the long ride!
(I’m apparently just as messy when I sleep in a tent as when I have a whole apartment to myself…) 

The only thing I hadn’t really counted on was that it got really cold at night. Like really cold. It went down to 2 degrees celsius. That is almost freezing, and so was I. I was completely huddled up in my sleeping bag with not even my nose sticking out, but after warming up inside the bag I was fine and could go back to sleep again.

In the morning I woke up, had my first ever breakfast in the tent and then packed up and was on my way. I think I’ll have to work on that process too, it took me 1,5 hours to get going and I thought that I was being quick!

On the way back I got some slight pain in my left knee, but after consulting a friend she told me what the issue might be so I’m going to try to build up some strength in that knee from now on. I’m not too worried about it. And as I was struggling a bit going uphill I saw two cyclist approaching in the rear mirror. As they cycled past me I realized that it was an elderly couple on electric bikes, and the man said “you should get one of these too.” 

I might have cursed quite a lot when they were out of sight, I have legs that work just fine thank you very much! 

I cycled to the camp site in 5 hours and 20 minutes in horrible headwinds, and cycled home with pretty sweet tailwinds in 4 hours and 30 minutes. I love when the wind works to my advantage!

So that was my camping adventure. But to more exciting news: today is my birthday! This will be the last year that I get to say that I’m in my twenties, but I’m not very stressed about it. Most of the time I actually enjoy getting older! You know, wisdom and all of those things apparently happen when you get older, so I’m eagerly looking forward to that.

Last picture of me as 28, at the amusement park Liseberg yesterday with my nephew Leon! I loved the kids rides just as much as he did.  I’ll miss my siblings kids so much when I leave, so I’m trying to spend a lot of time with them now.

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