Bikepacker, digital nomad and adventurer.

In the beginning of 2014 I came across a blog where I first learned the term “digital nomad”. I fell in love. This was the lifestyle that I had been looking for for years, something to make my life more exciting and force me out of this comfortable bubble I had made for myself. I was 27, I owned an apartment in the suburbs of Stockholm, I had a fulltime permanent job where I got to try a lot of different things and I lived a pretty content life.

But it never felt enough. I craved adventure. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t really living at all, just merely getting by. That was until I found the blogs of the digital nomads around the world. They all made it seem so very easy; the traveling to exotic countries, working online and writing your blog and making money from it. I started doing a lot of research. What skills do I possess that could help me become one of them?

I came up with nothing.

I worked in the TV business as a coordinator and reporter and no matter how I tried I couldn’t think of a single thing where I could incorporate that into my newfound digital nomad dream. I was devastated.

Some time passed, I cycled from Sweden to Paris with a bunch of great people and the dream I had for several years about cycling coast to coast across America dawned upon me. I decided that in the summer of 2015 I would do just that!

But it wasn’t quite that easy.

I asked my job for permission to take 3 months off work without pay, and they said no. So right now I’m in a catch 22, I’m still fully committed to my cycling plans for 2015, but I still have to rely on my job actually permitting me to go. Either way, I will cycle in America next summer, I’ll just have to come up with a great plan for it and maybe get a bit creative. Because I could never imagine not cycling, and to cycle for a longer period of time sounds to me like the best way to spend my life.

Call me crazy, but that sounds like the best life possible I would say.

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