Bicycle touring gear.

Every day feels like Christmas at the moment, since I’m receiving several packages a week with fun cycling or camping gear. Since I’ve never camped in my entire life this is a whole new adventure for me, and I’m really enjoying shopping for my trip. I’m pretty sure my credit card is not loving it as much as I am though.

One of my favorite things that I have received so far is the MSR Hubba HP freestanding 1 person tent. As soon as I got it I had to pitch it, right there in my living room, and sleep in it for the first time.
The instructions for pitching the tent is stuck to the bag which is great because there is no way I can lose them. Not that it would really matter though, this is the easiest tent I’ve ever tried pitching, it took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish, despite taking a bunch of pictures. DSC04235
The tent weighs around 1 kg and consists of an inner tent, the tent canvas, one single stick thingy and a small bag of pegs for when you want to secure it to the ground.
DSC04246DSC04257If I really slept in the tent that night? Of course I did! And I woke up the next morning feeling great actually, maybe because of this next piece of gear I’ve recently bought; my thermarest sleeping pad.
It’s a Thermarest ProLite Plus Women’s mat, and it’s self-inflating which is absolutely brilliant. I kind of doubted that it would really work before I got it, but now I’m almost having a hard time deflating it because of the self-inflating power…
I’m going to sleep like a baby on this during my trip.

Next up: something that I know that a lot of people will have a very strong opinion on. But I’ve given it a lot of thought, and it felt right to me. Bicycle touring is a personal choice, and just because something is how it’s usually done, doesn’t mean that it’s the right decision for me.

So yeah, I bought a Bob Yak bicycle trailer. It might be a bit too early to say, but so far I LOVE it.
This is me building the Bob last Friday night.
Elsa and Bob, together for the first time. I really think and hope this is a match made in heaven. Bob can take a load of 30 kg and now I only have to find a Swedish flag to attach to the flag pole as well. The bag is completely waterproof and you can attach two water bottle cages to the very back of the trailer. Perfect for when you have such a small frame as I do, that can’t fit very big bottles.
DSC04269 DSC04270
Last but not least, I ordered these really cool stickers a while ago, to give people who I meet along the way when cycling. I thought about ordering regular business cards, but these are so much cooler. I’m so pleased with how they turned out, now I’m thinking about perhaps ordering even more, in different sizes.
DSC04274 DSC04276

Next time: my new merino wool clothes, and my awesome camping stove.


  1. earthwanderess says

    Vad roligt att jag hittat till din blogg! Jag har en dröm att använda cykel som transportmedel och utforska europa 🙂

    • Cecilia says

      Hej och välkommen! 😀 Så kul, du borde göra det, det är ett överlägset sätt att se världen på!

  2. says

    And I thought I was doing well by going carless and riding my bike everywhere instead, but that is just around Stockholm! Around the world seems a wee far for me. Say, I have a Bob trailer like that too. Nice for shopping for heavy/big items. Mine is the model with the spring suspension, however. Yours looks like it has a better fender. I know when I bike on wet roads, the payload of the Bob trailer can get pretty muddy.

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