How it all began – the start of a cycling obsession.

In the summer of 2012 I was at my company’s summer party and some colleagues started telling me that I should start cycling to work instead of using the metro, that it was a much nicer commute than being stuck in the underground. I had a distance of 13 kilometers to work, and my colleagues were right, it was a nice ride.

That was until a few months later when I got sick of so many people cycling past me, I wanted to be able to compete with them as well and my old bike just couldn’t keep up! I went and bought a Scott hybrid and fell in love. I never knew cycling could be that fun! I kept cycling to work, but in the spring of 2013 I decided that instead of taking the train home to my parents that summer, I would ride my bike. A journey across Sweden, around 567 km in total. In preparation I cycled to work as usual (we had moved the office by then, I now had 17 km to work and I was actually happy about the longer distance!) and I also did a 50 km test ride. Not nearly enough, but I made it safe and sound to my parents.

When I arrived everyone thought I was going to be sick of riding my bike, but quite the opposite actually. And around that time I read about a charity ride called Team Rynkeby, where you cycle from Sweden to Paris and raise money for the children’s cancer foundation.

It took less than an hour after having read the article until I had signed up. 

In September I found out that I had made the team, and the preparation began. Spinning twice a week, events and meetings all during the winter, until we finally got our Bianchi bikes at the end of March. It was my first time ever on a racer, and it was truly love at first sight. I even carried my bike the entire way home from the store, because it had rained and I didn’t want it to get wet.

So we started cycling outside, we put in our required 2500 km of preparation, I cycled the world’s biggest bike race Vätternrundan, 300 km around a huge lake and then all of a sudden it was July of 2014 and we were off to Paris. We cycled through sunshine and rain, through headwinds and tailwinds and up and down the hills of Belgium. Arriving in Paris was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life, and I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.
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And now it’s time for my biggest adventure yet. I hope you all will enjoy the ride, I know I will.

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