Along the south coast of Australia. 

Two nights in Adelaide quickly turned into three nights. It was just so nice having a real bed and my own bathroom to give up on, so I extended my stay after just one night. I really liked Adelaide too, as usual I measure a city by its walk ability and this scored high on this list. Though I didn’t see too much of it, as I wrote in the last post I just needed a few slow and “boring” days and it was so nice. Oh and I got upgraded to a room on the executive floor and could enjoy free drinks and canapés each night. Perfect! 
Salt lake on the way to Adelaide.   

Red wine and tapas night at the hotel. I lived right next to the food market, Bought such good food there.  

The hotel had a really nice pool!  


A very bad picture but this is how far I’ve driven so far in Australia. Well, approximately, I’ve made it a bit further now. 
After three very lazy days in Adelaide I was on the road again, now I’m slowly making my way towards Melbourne. 

    Look at this amazing pink salt lake I found on my way  out of Adelaide. So pretty! Imagine if more lakes were pink, the world would be even more beautiful. 
  Wild camping for the first time in Australia! Such a great spot right be the ocean and there were four other couples staying there too so I felt safe. No toilets though, but I can manage.   
   Hanging out on a rock on the beach. And look at me having to wear a sweater for the first time in weeks! It’s much cooler down here by the south coast, it’s so nice to not have to be sweaty every single second of the day. I’m finally sleeping much better too. 

 Look at this magical sunset out the back of my van.   


I loved wild camping so much that the next day I looked up where I could wild camp next, found a spot just 250 km away so off I went. This one was even better! The app wikicamps Australia is really priceless if you’re camping in this country. 

I was all alone most afternoon, so I enjoyed the cool (okay fine, cold!) breeze from the back of my van enjoying an afternoon beer. 


I left south Australia and entered the state of Victoria.    
  The next wild camp spot was even better, just look at this! One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.   
As I was sitting there a man pulled up as well, and came over to talk. He was 79 years old and camping his way around Australia in a car he rebuilt himself to fit a bed. He had just come back from three months in the United States and as you can guess we had a lot to talk about. He grabbed a chair and I handed him a beer and we spent an hour or so talking. He was so cool, I hope I’m able to still camp around in a car when I’m 79. He didn’t stay the night though, he wanted a place with toilets and a restaurant. Soon after he left it was too cold to stay outside so I curled up in the car. Just as it was getting dark two other campervans pulled up to the spot as well, felt nice to not be alone. I didn’t go out to say hi though, it was 13 degrees by then and raining. I haven’t experienced that cold weather since Yellowstone months ago, but like I said, it’s so nice to be able to sleep well again. 

The man told me to go to the town of Portland close to where I was staying, so I did. It was very pretty.    
There was a lot of wind power up on that hill which I liked. I think they’re pretty and I like the sound they make. 

After that I went to Tower Hill reserve which is a wildlife reserve (naturreservat in Swedish) in an old inactive volcano. Their website claimed that they have an abundance of koalas living there, so I kept my eyes open. 

The first thing I saw was three emus down by the water.    
And then I was driving so so slowly along the road when all of a sudden I saw two lumps up in a tree. I stopped in the middle of the road, crawled myself up a hill and started jumping and screaming hysterically. Two koalas were up in that tree, the first wild ones I’ve seen! So cute! Too high up for me to be able to steal them though… Too bad. 

Another one I saw later. Can you even believe how cute they are?! I love them so much. 

 I went for a hike as well, it was too beautiful not to.   

Now I’m camped right at the beginning of the great ocean road, which I’ll begin exploring tomorrow. At a real camp site tonight though, I was in desperate need of a shower. I’m very excited to see all the beautiful sights along the great ocean road, I’ll take my time to really be able to enjoy it. I’m loving my life, that’s for sure. 



  1. Ingegerd Alvbring says

    Almost the same temperature as in Gothenburg then. I know you are having a great time but we missed you at our cemetary walk on Saturday and the traditional party at your parents’ house afterwards with 21 relatives gathered.

  2. Saskia says

    Every time you say how cute Koalas are I think of sweets we have here in germany – they are shaped like koalas. When you’re back in Sweden i am going to send you some 😉

    Can’t wait what you have to say about the great ocean road. That would be something i would have definitely wanted to see.

  3. Mamma says

    I have never heard about the great ocean road so I will love to follow you on that journey! Somehow in my mind I will sit next to you in the car 🙂

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