Adventures at Fraser Island and Surfers Paradise.

On Saturday I was up early as the courtesy bus would be at the hotel to pick me up early. We were driven to the ferry over to Fraser Island, and on the island were shown to a bus. But not just any bus; since Fraser Island is the worlds biggest sand island, all vehicles traveling there have to be 4WD otherwise they’ll get stuck before they’ve barely left the ferry. So we boarded this huge bus and Steve the Guide took off in top speed across the sandy roads of Fraser Island. Let’s just say that I was very happy that I had taken a motion sickness pill that morning, it was a bumpy ride. But while he drove he told us the story of the island, about the aboriginals who lived there first and a lot of interesting stories. Well, the first thing he told us was “welcome to the island where 6 of the world’s deadliest snakes and 1 of the most poisonous spiders live”. Mm, thanks. First we headed down to drive on the beach, which is officially considered one of Australia’s motorways.
After a while we pulled up next to three small airplanes on the beach, and we were given the opportunity to go flying for 15 minutes over the island and the ocean. I thought it was going to be crazy expensive but it was actually really affordable, so I signed up. It was so cool taking off and landing on the beach, and I also saw two whales in the ocean.
IMG_8184 IMG_8182 IMG_8183 IMG_8181
And no dad, you couldn’t swim here, it’s forbidden since sharks usually swim up and down the shoreline.

Once back on the beach we drove around some more, had lunch at a restaurant and then finished off the day at the Lake Mckenzie. The water was so clear! I had heard rumors that blonde hair might turn green there but luckily I didn’t notice it. They also say that swimming in that lake makes you 12 months younger, yay! Or wait, obviously I don’t need to look younger, considering how many times I’ve had to show ID during this trip.
IMG_8176 IMG_8209 IMG_8168 IMG_8191 IMG_8190 IMG_8201
Yes, those were rainclouds in the background, and yes, the skies completely opened half a minute after this photo was taken. The weather sure changes quickly here.

Oh, and we took a walk through the rainforest on the island as well, that was very cool and so pretty.
IMG_8351 IMG_8349 IMG_8347 IMG_8348

It was a very fun trip and I made some friends, and before you ask, yes they were all middle-aged. Somehow I always connect with the middle-aged people, never with the people my age. I like it. I arrived at my hotel completely exhausted which wasn’t very bad because the next day I had a spa day planned. The resort I stayed at had a spa so I just figured I should spoil myself some. There were some jetspa thing, and a facial, and while my face was covered in goo she started putting some sort of cream on my hand. I thought that was it, but then she pressed down and started massaging it. Before I could protest and make her stop, the damage was done though… two steps forward and one step back, so I’m now in pain again, but not as bad as it has been. Oh well. Just clearly shows that I need to keep resting it.

On Monday I rode the bus back to Brisbane, and then took a train to the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. It was pretty uneventful which is always good when you’re traveling, but then Amy came to pick me up at the station. I’m housesitting for her and her boyfriend Rob for ten days, and also watching their dog and cat. I was shown around the house and given a list of instructions. That night we went out to dinner and they made me absolutely terrified by telling me about a HUGE spider that was in the house once. Oh no, don’t tell me those things… I hate spiders. Hate. Oh well.

Anyway, meet Chief the Dog and Lillian the Cat. They are both big softies and so cuddly.

Well, when I was at the spa I had 2 hours when I was forced to do absolutely nothing. No movies, books or music to distract me, so I did a lot of thinking. And I realized that I came here to have adventures, not to work and try to live some sort of normal life. If that was my goal, I’d rather be doing that in Sweden and be closer to my family. So I decided to do what I’ve thought about previously, and rent a campervan and drive around for a few months. So starting from Monday the 28th of September, I will go pick up this beauty (name undecided) and drive around for 2,5 months just exploring Australia. I can’t wait! And I’ll have so much more freedom since I can pretty much sleep wherever I want. I am SO EXCITED! If you have any suggestions where I should go, please let me know! I know I’ll mostly be driving around the east coast, but I will also go to Alice Springs and Uluru.

And once those 75 days are up, I’m getting on a plane to New Zealand where I’ll spend 24 days with the Haka Tours, on their Epic NZ tour. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them, and I will also be spending Christmas and New Years with them. We’re going to be 16 people on the tour, all without our families there so I think this is the best situation to be honest. We can be each others families, though I hope someone will want to celebrate on the 24th with me, since that is the day we celebrate in Sweden. And I will be going hiking, kayaking, and yes, skydiving. Not bungee jumping though, that is my limit!

I’m so looking forward to the last part of 2015, it’s going to be so epic!! 

And in other, very very sad news. I’m not sure how many of you know of Emil and Johanna, a young Swedish couple who has been cycling across South America since the beginning of the year. They recently had an accident with a car in Brazil, and unfortunately Johanna passed away and Emil is injured. I am so extremely sorry to hear this, and my thoughts are with both of their families. Once again I am reminded of how lucky I was. So extremely lucky. But I also hope that people remember that they were living their dream. If something was to happen to me, god forbid, I’d want people to remember that. Even though everyone deserves to life full lives until they die of old age, if something was to happen, I could think of worse ways to go while living your dream. Rest in peace Johanna, and I hope Emil will get well soon.

We should admire the courage and spirit in his lifeWhat kind of man would live where there is no daringAnd is life so dear that we should blame men for dying in adventureIs there a better way to die
 Charles Lindbergh


  1. pappa says

    du är ju på rätt plats hela tiden när det gäller väder. jag vill också ha varmt och skönt ett par månader till och kunna bada o sola. det blir spännande o följa dig på din bilcampresa genom delar av Australien och jag hoppas att du tar med dig någon sorts bok om vilka djur du kan klappa och inte. jag tror det kommer att bli bra och att du kommer att få se mycket på din resa framöver. Tråkigt med svenskarna i Brasilien som blev påkörda.
    kram från pappa

  2. Ingegerd Alvbring says

    Great to hear you enjoyed Fraser Island. It brings back nice memories. So sad to read about the bikers’ accident. Yours sure could have been a lot worse. Take care!

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