About me



Hi and welcome,

I’m Cecilia, and since I was a little kid I dreamt of one day working in the most magical profession I could dream of: the movie and TV industry. When I was twenty I moved to Los Angeles, the enchanted place where most of my favorite movies were made, and spent a year taking classes in filmmaking. It was magical, but when a year had passed I returned to Sweden to attend college (I would be stupid not to, education is free in Sweden!). Seven years later I was working as a producer at a sports TV company, and I loved it. I got to write and travel and meet interesting people, but somewhere deep down I knew that it wasn’t enough, I wanted more out of life. After having recently discovered the joys of bicycle touring, the decision I had to make became very clear to me:

I needed to quit my job, sell my apartment and head out on the road on my bicycle. So I did.

Telling my friends and family about the decision proved to be a challenging task, but I am a planner and whatever concern they presented to me, I usually had a solution for. They still worry a lot, but they’ve known me for almost thirty years now and know better than to try to change my mind. I started this blog to keep in touch with everyone back home on my adventure, and to inspire other young women to dare to follow their dreams. If I can inspire just one other person, I’ll consider this a huge success.

But does life ever go exactly as planned? Certainly not, and where would the fun be in that? After cycling for only 2,5 weeks, I was in the middle of Kentucky and a car came too close and hit me. Or specifically, it hit my hand. I had to make the very hard decision to stop cycling, as my hand kept bothering me, and I have since then switched my dream from cycling around the world to traveling by whatever means it takes. And guess what? It’s just as good!

Living the life of lone traveller is truly a dream come true. The road is my home, and my wheels take me wherever I want to go. You will be my companion on this challenging endeavor, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I will!




Former Figure Skater, current Roller Derby Queen


I have no competitive side whatsoever


Knows an embarrassing amount of movie trivia






Has visited 24 countries




Has 6 tattoos


Loves Taylor Swift a lot (planned my route across America according to her concert schedule but shh, that’s a secret)






The Ride:

The original dream was to ride my bike around the globe, but it quickly turned into something else when that car hit me. But I’m not one to just give up, so it turned into the greatest road trip of my life. I drove alone across the United States, Australia and New Zealand and had the time of my life.

We should admire the courage and spirit in his life. What kind of man would live where there is no daring? And is life so dear that we should blame men for dying in adventure? Is there a better way to die?
Charles Lindbergh