A Swede in Melbourne. 

I expressed some reluctance about going to Melbourne, since there’s so much people and traffic and other things there. I still of course wanted to go though, and I had looked up the campground closest to the city. But as I pulled up and could see the skyscrapers in the distance I realized that it was too far away and I saw no point in staying there if I actually wanted to see Melbourne. I drove to the closest McDonald’s, because you can always rely on their free wifi, and looked up hotels. Turns out I had enough points to stay two nights for free so I quickly booked it and headed into the city. Turns out to be such a good decision! I fell in love with Melbourne. It was bursting with life, and had a very nice feel to it. Sometimes you just get a very good feeling from a place and that’s the feeling I got right away from Melbourne. 

  Australian center for moving images! I spent a few hours here, it was great. Though after taking a lot (a LOT) of film history classes I have seen short films like the Great Train Robbery too many times at this point. (from 1903, in the last scene a man fires a gun at the camera which freaked people out at that time.)

As I walked around I noticed that a crowd had gathered. Turns out it was some sort of zombie flash mob or parade. It was fun! I always thought I would survive a zombie attack but I’m ashamed to say that I would probably be at the front trying to get the best shot for Instagram…

I found a new phone cover which I thought fit my life pretty well at the moment. 


The next day I started out with going to the queen Victoria markets, but I should have done my research because it’s closed on Mondays. Not much to do about it though, and me next planned thing was right around the corner: the old Melbourne gaol. That is a prison I learned, gaol was a word I had never heard before. 


It was a hot day again, 34 degrees. The day before and after it was 15, it really shifts a lot here. 

First I did a tour of the watch house, and we got the full prison experienced. We got to line up, leave our possessions and got yelled at. I got yelled at for having tattoos of course, but I was mostly trying not to smile too much because that got you yelled at too. Might sound harsh but I was really fun actually. They locked us in cells and even turned out the lights. Afterwards we were told about the history, it was a hail up until 1994.   
  Afterwards I wandered to the actual prison and learned more about a guy called Ned Kelly who is some sort of famous criminal here in Australia. It was interesting but I kept wishing that they had the same audio tour as in Alcatraz. It was hard to really grasp the history with information boards posted all over the place.  
After the prison I walked over to the royal botanical gardens. It was hot but so beautiful there. 


  This is the shrine of remembrance for the people who died in the First World War.

Later that day it was time to hang out with Bella finally! She’s born and raised in Australia but her dad I Swedish and a few years ago she moved to Stockholm and we worked at the same company. Now she’s in Melbourne again studying so I was glad to be able to meet her. We went to a rooftop bar and despite the heat and it being a Monday night it was completely packed. 



 It was so good catching up with her and actually talking to someone who knows me, and have mutual friends with. It was a great night!
Now I’m slowly, slowly making my way towards Sydney. I don’t have to be there for quite some time yet and to be honest I’m kind of unsure about what to do. I’m moving so slowly as it is and I can’t stay out for too long, I would get so bored. I might just drive up to the blue mountains faster than expected and disappear into the wild for a while, going on hikes and read. Sounds pretty good to me! 

 I found ikea the other day! Such insane happiness. I love that place, especially now that I away from Sweden. It’s something about walking in and seeing all the familiar names of the products, and of having an entire Swedish food store at my disposal that brings me joy.   

I laughed so hard at this sign. Unreasonably so even, but it IS hilarious. It’s not easy knowing where to put those dots if you’re not Swedish I guess. It’s önskedröm, we don’t put dots on the r’s. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe to be honest, but I bet it was the meatballs I had just eaten that out me in such high spirits. 
  Christmas in a bottle! Julmust is an absolute must at Christmas time. It’s a type of soda, but it’s kind of spicy? Hard to describe. It looks like Coke but its definitely not!  
At the campground where I’m staying now. It’s wild camping though, so no camp kitchen or showers but I can live without those things. It’s been so cold and rainy though so sometimes I have to cook dinner under the back of the van. 

Brushing my teeth looking at the rain and wind this morning. I quickly decided to stay inside and read all day. A fellow camper has even come to check on me since he hadn’t seen me all day to make sure I was okay. I’m fjne, just enjoying being inside and reading three different books about hiking the Appalachian trail at the same time. Yes, I am getting more crazy ideas… 

So since I can’t make up my mind about what to do or where to go I’m not sure where I’ll be the next time I post. Somewhere great I hope!  


  1. Mamma says

    Så roligt att se dina foton från Melbourne. Förstår att det känns lite konstigt att plötsligt ha väldigt mycket tid över men det är bra att du gör en annan sak som du också är väldigt bra på: att ta det lugnt och läsa böcker 🙂
    Skylten på Ikea var ju lite kul men ärligt talat såg jag inte att det hade blivit fel. Var bara imponerad av att de hade skrivit prickar. Skönt med lite hemmakänsla! Ta hand om dig, vi längtar efter dig allihop!

  2. Saskia says

    Ahhhhh i don’t know where to start…Gosh, MELBOURNE!!! That’s the city where i always wanted to go and be. And i know at one point i will be there and enjoy the city. it’s crazy to see all these pictures of places i “know” from other photos.

    hahahah, at first looking at the sign i was like “hmm, what’s so funny about it…but i didn’t have a closer look at it. but then….hahahaha. in german you also have the letters ä, ö, ü and also one which looks like this: ß (it’s actually a letter which only exists in the small version – there is simply no matching capital letter for this one….)

    And omg, the appalachian trail!!! what books are you reading?? since the very first documentary about it i thought – that’s my long distance trail!

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