A Swede celebrating 4th of July in the US, or how to feel like a complete alien.

So. 4th of July. America’s Independence day. USA’s 239th birthday. Such a young little baby.

I must admit, it was very weird being a Swede in America during this holiday. It was very patriotic and a lot of “this is the greatest country in the world!” and if you’re not actually a citizen of that country it’s maybe not as engaging. But I’m not going to complain, I still had a lot of fun! 

The celebrations began at noon in Nashville, with music and activities, I mostly just walked around enjoying the atmosphere. It started raining shortly thereafter though, so I walked over to a restaurant I had seen previously. I had some glorious crab, and when I was finishing up I realized that the rain had really intensified outside, the streets were flooding so I decided to stay put for a while. I was joined by a couple from California, and one from Ohio and we sat at the bar talking for almost two hours about traveling and hiking. They had a lot of recommendations for where I should go, especially in Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Can’t wait! But it was weird as well, because as we were talking I told the couple from the Ohio that I think they’d enjoy hiking in the Swiss alps, that it’s really beautiful there. The man just looked at me and said “I live in the greatest country in the world, why would I want to go anywhere else? And I’ve heard most Europeans are very rude.”

You should have seen my face. I think I actually had my mouth just hanging open.

Wow, there is ignorant and there is rude, but this was both at the same time. Oh well. It was fun up until then. But it wasn’t over, because while we were waiting out the rain the bartender had given me another beer without me asking for it, and as I was waiting to pay he told me it was on the house. I have never been given a free beer at a bar before, so I though that was nice of him. Then he looked at me and said “I want you to be careful tonight sweetie, you’re a pretty young woman and I wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you. And sometimes bartenders work together with people to prep drinks, so be careful.”

No. You don’t give a woman a free beer and then tell her that. It’s extremely creepy and even though I guess he meant well, I didn’t even know what to say. Also the entire concept of commenting on my looks is not something I approve of, there really is no need. It doesn’t matter what one looks like, all women should be safe no matter what. Needless to say, I walked out of there and didn’t have another single drop of alcohol that day.

End of feminist rant. 

I also had to wear a bib.

 This is the park overlooking where the fireworks set off, 7 hours before starting time.

The real celebrations began at 18:30 that night, which is also when it began raining really hard again. I hid in my rain jacket and enjoyed the tunes of someone called Martina McBride before the largest firework show in the U.S. began. I think it kept going for almost 20 minutes, so it was very cool.  


Apparently she’s pretty famous? I’ve never heard of her before unfortunately.  

This Sunday has been a very lazy day for me. I’ve basically just been laying in bed watching tv and planning my next moves. Trust me when I say that I spend a lot of time on tripadvisor, google maps and other sites. Tomorrow I’m heading to Savannah, Georgia, because I saw it on the map and did some research and read that it’s gorgeous. On Thursday I’m getting on a bus to St Augustine, Florida, where I’ll spend a few days on the beach and take some surf lessons! I’m really looking forward to that, I just hope my hand is up for it. After that I’m probably going to the Kennedy space center before heading west again.

Like I’ve said before, this trip really didn’t turn in to what I expected, but I can’t really complain. I’m enjoying life, both the good and the bad! A friend posted a quote the other day that said “the greatest source of happiness is the ability to feel grateful at all times”, and that’s something I’m really working on. There’s is no reason to be upset about what has happened to me, when there is so much to be thankful for at the moment. Yes, life is good. 


  1. Mamma says

    Bra där Cecilia, du har lyssnat på mamma och är skeptisk till fria drinkar! Ha det bra i Savannah och ta det försiktigt på vägarna. Kram

  2. Saskia says

    i really don’t know where to start….

    this man who said he had heard that europeans are rude, didn’t he know that you are one of them? and omg, i think my jaw would have dropped open. i also think that this was very rude of him. But that’s not even it…..i really don’t understand why so many people are just copying things others said/did/or whatever. make your own experience. Go to Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa. Be open for that culture. Be open for a different way of thinking. it would be very very sad if everyone would think like him. you can expand your knowledge through travelling.

    Second: that barkeeper..omg, it’s VERY creepy. here you’re having a dring on the house, but be careful some of the barkeepers are mixing something in…yup, sounds very trustworthy…

    Third: you don’t know Martina McBride??? Even I know her 😀 hahaha. i am looking for this one song i constantly listened to years ago….but damn, if i only remember how the song was called 😀

    i can’t wait to hear all of your stories about the surfing lessons. You can prepare yourself for Australia that way 😉 there you’re having plenty of time to surf. It’ll be fun i bet.

    Oh and, as Super-Cecilia you really have to work on your superpowers 😉 I thought you could make the rain stop….

    How was the firework? was it as big as they promoted its to be?

  3. Ingegerd Alvbring says

    Unfortunately this man who wouldn’t dream of going abroad is not to unusual in the US. It is a great country but the world is full of great countries and he will never know. Have fun in Savannah, buy your own drinks and keep writing your great blog!

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