Road ID, one way of staying safe on the road.

One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them about my adventure is “what does your family think?”

Oh boy.

It has taken some time, but now they’re fairly positive I think. At least they have accepted that there is no way that they can change my mind, so even though they’re not overwhelmed with happiness like I am, they’ve come to terms with my decision.

One of their biggest concerns is my safety. Yes, of course I’ll get a huge can of pepper spray as soon as I get to the states (it’s illegal here in Sweden), but I also have another thing that I’ve recently bought to keep both them calm and for my own peace of mind as well, a very clever bracelet called Road ID.


The idea of the Road ID is that it’s a bracelet for people that workout alone, who goes on hikes or goes bicycling or whatever it might be where you don’t have someone watching your back. You put critical information on it, phone numbers, allergies, medical conditions etc, anything you might want someone to know in case of an emergency.

Of course I’m not ever planning on being in a situation where my bracelet will be a necessity, but there’s a huge difference between being ignorant and being smart about your situation. Anything might happen, but with my Road ID I’m at least trying to stay one step ahead.

image1 2
On my bracelet I’ve put my name, birth year, nationality, phone numbers to my parents, that I have no allergies and a quote from the movie Up.

I am not sponsored by Road ID, but I really think this is such a great thing that I want more people to know about it. There is also an app that you can use while out on the roads, and if you stand still for more than 5 minutes without letting the app know that you’re okay, it will alert a family member. Great idea, but not for me, I would never remember to push the button and would most likely freak my mother out daily if I were to use it…

Speaking of family, there will soon be a post here written by them, since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what they think. I’m anticipating a lot of “we’ve always known that she’s insane so it wasn’t that big of a surprise”.

I now walk into the wild.

I’m a huge film buff and have been for as long as I can remember. Most of my favorite films I’ve seen up to 50 times at least, without exaggerating. Some have affected me more than others, and given me inspiration beyond what I ever thought was possible.

I clearly remember the day I sat down to finally watch Into the Wild for the first time, it was the autumn of 2009 and I was in college. I was completely blown away by the true story of Christopher McCandless, who gave away all his possessions and money to travel North America by foot. Adventure, love, friendship and hardship was an everyday challenge for Christopher, or Alexander Supertramp as he renamed himself. Despite the tragic ending, he died of starvation in the wild in Alaska, I found the story incredibly inspirational and as usual when I see or hear something with great adventures, I want to do it too.
I wasn’t in a position to exactly quit my entire life at that moment, but I wanted some sort of adventure, so half a year later me and my ex-boyfriend boarded a train to the rest of Europe, spending three weeks visiting Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Munich. Getting an interrail pass is a great way to see Europe, and we had some fun adventures too, like sleeping in a train station in Italy, waking up in the early hours to watch the alps pass by outside the window and being without food on a boat between Barcelona and Rome because we were out of cash and they didn’t accept credit cards…

It was a lot of fun and sated my desire for adventure for a while, but every time I’ve watched Into the Wild since that first time (I would guesstimate I’ve seen it 15-20 times) all I’ve wanted to do is quit my job, sell my apartment and go travel the world.

So yesterday I did. 

Yesterday I told my job that I will be leaving in three months time, and my apartment will be out for sale next week. From what only was a naive wish in August has now turned into something even bigger. Back then the plan was to cycle coast to coast across America and then come back to Sweden and “real life” again, but somewhere along the line my dreams got bigger and bigger until they were full-blown Into the Wild-dreams.
I’m going to bikepack my way around the globe starting June this year. It’s crazy that I’m actually going to do this thing that I’ve been dreaming of for years, but I’m at the perfect place in my life right now to actually do it, so why wouldn’t I?
Anyone reading who has the same dreams and are going to make their dreams come true this year as well? 

The Year of Adventures.

Welcome to 2015 – the year of adventures! 

At least for me that is, I hope for many of you others as well. The last few months of 2014 were extremely busy for me, I was traveling and working a lot, but I also managed to get a few days of leisure in luckily. It started out with a few very hectic weeks with the world championships in latin and standard dance in Czech Republic, Latvia and Austria. I am no dancer, trust me, but I always travel to the European and Worlds as a reporter/producer for work. It’s a lot of fun, but very busy days.


Bicycle statue in Riga, a very big bike for a very tiny me though.

After a week’s downtime in Gran Canaria where I spent the entire time tanning by the pool and reading a lot of books, I boarded a plane to Beijing for my first ever visit to Asia. I spent 9 days there working, working and working some more, but it was very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to go back to explore more of Asia. I did get to see The Great Wall of China though, and even though it was absolutely freezing and very windy, it was a fun experience and I’m glad I got to walk on one of the most famous monuments in the world.

From the warmth on the Canary Islands…

…to the freezing winds in Beijing.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my big bike trip during this time, but I’ve had little time to actually do any serious planning. I do however have a (sort of) set route now, thanks to a bit of luck and a lot of money. I somehow managed to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s concerts in Charlotte in North Carolina, Santa Clara in California and to Los Angeles, the last one thanks to my mother since I was doing an interview in Vienna during the time when the tickets were released. It’s safe to say that I felt very distracted during that half hour before I could check my phone to see if she managed to get one or not… This means that I will most likely begin cycling from the coast of North Carolina, and after I’ve been to Charlotte I’ll head northwest to continue cycling along the Transamerica trail. Then I’ll follow the trail across the country until I hit Pueblo, Colorado and depending on how fast or slow I’ve been, I’ll either continue on the Transamerica or I’ll switch to the Western Express.

As far as updates goes, this is all I have for now. Wish me luck in the continued pursuit of sponsorships!